The silver ring is not an accessory suitable to women only, it actually is a very versatile jewel, that also perfectly fits men with great style and ease. In particular, the handcrafted men’s ring through its unique carvings and incisions is perfectly suited to the male figure and all different personalities and outfits.

Style tips


Fonte: Photo by mitul pengawala from Pexels

The men’s ring goes beyond aesthetics, it represents each individual’s personality and can only be worn when is truly considered as part of ourselves. You can wear you silver ring as you wish depending on your personal taste, however here are some style tips.

Usually, the ring size should be proportionate to the wearer’s body type: for example a tall boy with big hands, can wear a gaudy ring, thus enhancing his appearance.

The shapes of jewelry

anello-uomo-come-si-indossa-Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius from Pexels

Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius from Pexels

The shapes of jewelry must also be considered: a bind ring, for example, fits well on the thumb, but also on both the middle and ring fingers, while a three-dimensional ring can be worn on the little or index fingers .

If a man has never worn a ring before, the best tip is to start with simple models characterised by small details, then, only after identifying the mood and the ideal style, we recommend to opt for a bigger model with engravings.

How to wear a ring

anello-Photo by Mark Rz from Pexels

Photo by Mark Rz from Pexels

The ring is a rather eccentric accessory when worn by a man, especially if he is wearing only this jewel. It is important do not overdo wearing to many jewels: if a man wears one or two silver rings on one hand, he can wear as many, but preferably on the other one.



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